Dr Yury Bandazhevsky Prof., MD, PhD, As Nuclear Whistleblower, Imprisoned And Punished For Telling The Truth About Deadly Low Dose Chernobyl Radiation Effect On Children

Dr Yury Bandazhevsky Prof., MD, PhD, As Nuclear Whistleblower, Imprisoned And Punished For Telling The Truth About Deadly Low Dose Chernobyl Radiation Effect On Children

The video above features Yury at about 7 minutes in. This video is part 2 of 4. Click on the links to watch the whole series, as they are well worth watching to get a better understanding of what is going on as far as cover ups around nuclear accidents. There is a pattern of deception and denial of harm around every nuclear accident, no matter where it happens around the world. Yuri is also talked about in video number 4 below, at 5 minutes in.

Part I – https://youtu.be/8qqhm_ZrfhE

Part II https://youtu.be/LqHjfyT5Dmk

Part III – https://youtu.be/1T4kezJEcpY

Part IV – https://youtu.be/cIv6eIE8Ljo

If an average person watches all 4 of the above videos, they will get a good idea about how and why the nuclear industry is covering up, denying and minimizing the true damage that radiation causes. These videos also point at why there is no research inside the nuclear industry itself that would point back at the damage and harm that radiation causes to the human global family.

Janette Sherman MD talks about Yury in her video at the link below, explaining how this whistle blower was thrown in jail as a political prisoner on trumped up terrorist charges, just because he was a whistle blower against the global monopolistic nuclear industry.

Janette Sherman M.D Toxicologist -The Nuclear REALITY of Fukushima and Chernobyl; One Million Casualties And Still Counting; via @AGreenRoad 

The people who control what goes out to the public via official nuclear industry ‘regulatory’ channels and through global governments, are the source of the problem. 

IAEA, WHO, NRC And Others; Weaving A Web Of Control, Lies And Deception


When she had visited his institute, he had shown her a collection of fetal and stillborn anomalies collected over the course of 2 weeks — a number normally found over a year’s duration. Professor Bandazhevsky had been planning to present his findings to a parliamentary delegation from Minsk. Instead Bandazhevsky was arrested and, on 18 June 2001, was sentenced to 8 years in a gulag. Solange Fernex appeals: “The times when Galileo Galilei was persecuted by the Holy Inquisition for his scientific findings should be past. The truth on the health consequences of Chernobyl cannot be concealed, as this was possible, centuries ago, for the movements of the earth around the sun. Science must cease to be silenced by the economic interests of the promoters of nuclear energy.” 

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ABOUT Yury Bandazhevsky Prof., MD, PhD

Wikipedia; “Yury Bandazhevsky (Belarusian: Yuri Ivanovich Bandazhevski; born on January 9, 1957 in Belarus), former director of the Medical Institute in Gomel (Belarus), is a scientist working on sanitary consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. He was the first to create an institute in Belarus, in 1989, specially dedicated to scientific work on the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.
Born January 9, 1957


In 1978, Bandazhevsky married Galina Bandazhevskaja, a medical doctor specialized in pediatrics. He studied at the Medical Institute of Grodno and became a specialist of anatomic pathology. He supported his doctoral thesis in 1987, a year after the Chernobyl disaster, and named director of the Central Laboratory of Scientific Research. In 1990, he was named director of the Gomel Medical Institute.[1]


On June 2001, Yury Bandazhevsky was sentenced to eight years imprisonment on the grounds that he had received bribes from students’ parents. The institute’s Deputy Director, Vladimir Ravkov, also received an eight-year prison sentence. Bandazhevsky’s lawyer claimed that he had been convicted on the basis of two testimonies made under duress, without any material evidence. 
According to many human rights groups Dr. Bandazhevsky was a prisoner of conscience. Amnesty International has stated on their website “His conviction was widely believed to be related to his scientific research into the Chernobyl catastrophe and his open criticism of the official response to the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster on people living in the region of Gomel.” 
His arrest came soon after he published reports critical of the official research being conducted into the Chernobyl incident, and was issued by presidential decree N21 ‘On Urgent Measures for the Combat of Terrorism. 
Yury Bandazhevsky was released on parole from prison on August 5, 2005, and prohibited for five months of leaving Belarus. He was afterward invited by the mayor of Clermont-Ferrand, in France, to work at the university and at the hospital on Chernobyl’s consequences. Clermont-Ferrand has been since 1977 linked to Gomel where Bandazhevsky used to work. In France, he is notably supported by the Commission de recherche et d’information indépendantes sur la radioactivité (CRIIRAD).

Scientific works

Caesium-137 levels in children’s organs were examined at autopsy. The highest accumulation of Cs-137 was found in the endocrine glands, in particular the thyroid, the adrenals and the pancreas. High levels were also found in the heart, the thymus and the spleen.[2]


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The biography of Yury Bandajevski

BANDAZHEUSKI Yury Ivanovitch

Head of the Board of Coordinating and Analytical Center Ecology and Health, Kiev

State Doctor in Scientific Medicine, specialized in Anatomo-pathology

State Doctor in Scientific Medicine, specialized in Physio-pathology

State Professor of Scientific Medicine, specialized in Physio-pathology

Rector of the State Institute of Medicine, Gomel (1990-1999)


Name Bandazheuski Yury Ivanovitch

Nationality Belarus

Named Honourable Citizen of the following cities :

Anor, Auxerre, Bailleul, Bègles, Besançon, Château-Chinon, Clermont-Ferrand, Kaysersberg, Marseille, Montmélian, Mouans-Sartoux, Paris, Rezé, Saint Denis, Saint-Perreux, Siorac en Périgord And the following region : Nord Pas de Calais.

Holder of the European Liberty Passport N° 25 since 2001

Recognized as a “Prisoner of Opinion” by Amnesty International[1] in 2001 and CCPR United Nations [2]

Date of Birth January 9th, 1957

Family situation; Married with two children


2009 Head of the Board of Coordinating and Analytical Center Ecology and Health, Kiev

2009 Award “Memorial EP Radford”, from European Committee on Radiation Risk, for scientific work and for courage

2004 Honorary Doctor from the Mediterranean University

2000 Award of the Medal of Hippocrates, from the IPPNW of Paris, for work in radiological medicine and human radio-biology

1999 International American Award “The Sun, the Golden Emblem” for scientific work in Radio-pathology

1999 The Albert Schweizer Golden Star Award

1999 The Albert Schweizer Academy, active member

1998 The International Academy of Gerontology, active member

1998 Albert Schweizer Gold Medal Award For unique contribution to the development of Medicine and Humanism

1997 The Polish Academy of Medicine, appointed Honorary Member

1997 The Belarus Academy of Medicine, Correspondent

1996 The New York Academy of Science, Active member

1993 The Belarus Academy of Engineers, appointed member

1991 State Professor of Scientific Medicine, specializing in Physio-pathology

1990 Rector of the State Institute of Medicine of Gomel, Chair in Pathology

1990 The Belarus Komsomol Award, for a series of studies published under the Title “Morpho-functional analysis of the bacteria action agents in the process of pre and post natal development”

1989 State Doctor of Scientific Medicine, specializing in Anatomo-pathology

State Doctor of Scientific Medicine, specializing in Physio-pathology

1980 Doctor of Medicine, Degree conferred by the Grodno State Institute of Medicine


The Philosophy of My Life, Diary from Prison. Paris 2006, Gawsewitch Ed.


259 scientific works, including 10 monographs, 2 Bulletins,

7 patents conferred for discoveries


– Life in terms of radiation exposure / The course of lectures. Vilnius,2008.102 p.

– Pathological processes of radio-nuclides incorporated in the organism. Minsk, 2002. 142 p.

– Radio and inter-uterine development of the Foetus. Minsk, 2001. 59 p.

– Physio-pathological aspects of radio caesium and the heart. Minsk, 2001. 63 p

– Clinical and biological effects of radioactive caesium incorporated in the organism. Minsk, 2000. 70

– The pathology of incorporated radioactive irradiation. Minsk, 1999. 135 p

– Structural and functional effects of radio-nuclides incorporated in the organism. Gomel, 1997. 152

– The Physio-pathology of incorporated radioactive irradiation. Gomel, 1997. 140 p.

– Clinical experimental aspects of the influence of radio-nuclides incorporated in the organism. Gomel 1995. 152 p.

– Immune Regulation of the onto-genesis. Gomel 1994. 59 p.

Scientific Director of 30 Doctoral Theses’ Presentations

Scientific organizer of the international scientific-practical conference, editor proceedings “Supporting the population living in the areas affected by the Chernobyl disaster: social protection and humanitarian support of the liquidators and victims of the Chernobyldisaster” Kiev, 28-29 April 2010

Scientific organizer of the international scientific-practical conference, editor proceedings “Scientific and Humanitarian Initiatives for Support of Liquidators and Victims of Catastrophe in Chernobyl», 9th October 2008, Vilnius.

Scientific organizer of the hearing in the European Parliament «Chernobyl Today» 17 April 2008, Brussels.
Director of publication of the journal “Chernobyl, Ecology and Health”
Member of the Board of Editors of the Journal “Public Health and Success” Member of the Belarus Council specialized in defending Doctoral Theses


Association des amis de Yury Bandajevski
La Vernelle
63350 Culhat
Tel : (+33) 06 10 31 31 58

Link to website


Coordinating and Analytical Centre “Ecology and Health”
Coordinating and Analytical Center “Ecology and Health” opened in Ukraine in the fall of 2009 under leadership of the world-renown medical scientist, founder and first rector (1990-1999) of Medical University in Gomel (Belarus), and prisoner of conscience Yury Bandazhevski, on the basis of the Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Chernobyl, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine in Kiev, center Pushcha-Vodice.
The Center’s mission is «Research on human health and the sustainable development of Ukraine and Belarus».
The Center focuses its efforts on improving health conditions in the regions affected by Chernobyl disaster. The Center will serve as a resource of information, expertise, and advocacy on health and ecology issues for Ukrainian and Belarusian communities and governments, as well as for other national and international parties involved, and provide reliable information for the population affected by the consequences on the issues related to health and ecology.
Particularly, it’s including:

Provide consultations related to national and international healthcare programs in Ukraine and Belarus;

Coordinate academic and applicable research on the implications to the health of the population of contacts with radioactive elements and other pollutants;

Research the causes and effects of the current ecologic and demographic situation with the Chernobyl catastrophe and ways to change the situation;

Inform the population of the results of the above-mentioned research;

Develop analytical materials to educate international community of the medical consequences of Chernobyl;

Contribute to changing the national legislation of countries that have gaps and drawbacks in relevant pieces of legislation related to ecology, health, and demography;

Create necessary conditions for the formation of the international intergovernmental program aimed at liquidation of the aftermath of Chernobyl;

Coordinate its actions with the major international non-governmental players supporting the community of Chernobyl liquidators and victims.
Chernobyl nuclear plant accident (1986) is one of the major nuclear disasters in the history of humankind and the only one rated highest on the 7-graded International Nuclear and Radiological Events Scale (INES)1. Several regions of Ukraine and Belarus suffered tremendously from contamination which resulted in deterioration of the health of human population and the wildlife.

Sources testify to the increased levels of cancer, heart diseases, endocrine and reproductive systems illnesses, increased death rates, and plunging fertility. However, Chernobyl disaster is not the only reason for degradation of the human health and demographic problems in Belarus,Ukraine and other states.

There is substantial evidence that these deceases are caused by deteriorating ecology in addition to prolonged contact of the population (starting from the early 1960s) with radioactive materials, including those released during theChernobyl catastrophe. It doesn’t exclude the influence of other factors on the health of these countries’ population.

Government’s support addressing health and ecological problems related to Chernobyl consequences has been steadily decreasing as was the attention of the international community to the issue. Lack of comprehensive, up-to-date and credible information from the ground zero complicates matters, and discourages international interest to the problem. Therefore, the Center’s role is to draw the public and international attention to these issues and push for wide recognition of demographic and other consequences originating from the healthcare problems.
The Ecology and Health Center is a non-profit organization with a certificate of registration from the authorities of Ukraine.
Coordinating and Analytical Center Ecology and Health
Ukraine, 07 200, Kiev region, Ivankov district, 
Ivankov, Street Poleska, 65.
Phone number: 00 380 93 560 30 18

Board of Directors

Yury Bandazhevski (Belarus), Prof., MD, PhD, Dr. Med. Sci.– Head of the Board;
Alexandr Mostepan (Ukraine), Director of the Center for Rehabilitation of Chernobyl victims of Medical the Academy of Sciences;
Irina Syrchik (Ukraine) – Secretary of the Board;
Galina Bandazhevskaya (Belarus), MD, PhD, practicing pediatrician;
Benedicte Belgacem (France), Department of Public Health , Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital;
Michel Wilson (France), Rhone-Alpes Regional Council.


Alexei Yablokov (Russia) – Deputy Head of the Scientific Council of Russian Academy of Sciences on Problems of Ecology and Emergency Situations, Advisor of the Russian Academy of Sciences – Head of the Steering Committee
Yuri Andreev (Ukraine) – Head of the Committee of Disabled Chernobyl Liquidators “Chernobyl Ukraine”.
Corinne Lepage (France) – Member of European Parliament; First Vice-Chair of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, Membership in Committee Research and Energy (Substitute Member)
Daniel Cohn-Bendit (France, Germany) – Member of European Parliament; Member of Conference of Presidents, Co-President of the GREENS/EFA Group, Member of Committee on Budgets
Rebecca Harms (Germany) – Member of European Parliament; Member of Conference of Presidents, Co-President of the GREENS/EFA Group, Membership in Committee Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (Substitute Member) Membership in Committee Industry, Research and Energy (Substitute Member), Membership in Ukraine Delegation of European Parliament
José Bove (France) – Member of European Parliament; Vice-Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, Membership in Committees International Trade (Substitute Member)
Michele Rivasi (France) – Member of European Parliament Membership in Committee Industry, Research and Energy, Membership in Committee Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (Substitute Member), Membership in Delegation EURONEST (EU’s eastern neighbouring countries) Membership in Delegation Belarus (Substitute Member)
Viktor OLEINIK (Ukraine) – Member of Ukraine Parliament; Chairman of the Committee on Environmental Policy, Use of Natural Resources and Elimination of Consequences of Chornobyl Disaster


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Dr Yury Bandazhevsky Prof., MD, PhD, As Nuclear Whistleblower, Imprisoned And Punished For Telling The Truth About Deadly Low Dose Chernobyl Radiation Effect On Children

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