Deep Gazing Exercise; Braco Is Example Of Deep Gazing Practicioner

Deep Gazing Exercise; Braco Is Example Of Deep Gazing Practicioner

Braco’s Transformational Gaze


Wikipedia; “Braco (pronounced Braht-zoh),[1][2] sometimes called “the gazer”,[3] is a Croatian healer. He makes no claims to have the ability to help people with his gaze.[2] He does not touch, speak to, diagnose, or treat the people who come to see him–rather, he stands on a platform and gazes.[3][4] (see Gazing section below.)


Braco was born Josip Grbavac in Zagreb, Croatia, in November 1967.[1][5] He earned a degree in Economics in Croatia, became a husband and a father, but made healing his mission after the devastating 1991-1995 Croatian War of Independence.[6] Braco’s mentor was Serbian healerIvica Prokic, an author of 13 books, whom he met in the autumn of 1993,[5] and renamed him Braco, meaning “little brother.” Prokic died in 1995, and Braco continued his mentor’s work.[7][8]Initially he saw people one on one, however due to the large number of people who started coming to see him, Braco began gazing at groups. [9]


In a public gazing session, Braco stands on a podium and silently looks at the members of the audience for a period of five to ten minutes.[3][4] There is a ten minute period before the gazing for introduction, and another period afterwards for post-gaze meditation and reflection. It is during the post-gaze that people report life changes, healings and their positive experiences. [10]Supporters say that during the gaze time they can feel tingling, see energy or a golden aura, experience peace or relief from pain.[11] Braco does not consider himself a guru. 
He has no philosophy or dogma, nor does he want anyone to worship him. [12] In addition, he does not call himself a healer or claim to have spiritual powers,[7] and has not spoken to the press or in public since 2002,[2] saying “it’s too big to explain.” Participants and event organizers say that his gaze has cured physical diseases such as cancer and respiratory disease. [13] Believers say Braco’s physical presence is not necessary, and gazing at a picture or video of him can be sufficient for healing.[14] 
When not touring, Braco holds gazing sessions at his center in Zagreb, Croatia. [15]Braco’s Croatian events draw thousands of people, totaling to over two hundred thousand annually.[3][4] He has toured the United States,[6] Australia,[16] Japan, Austria, Italy, Switzerland,Germany, Israel, Russia, and Slovenia [17] attracting hundreds or thousands. [18]
In 2012, Braco was selected to be the featured guest for a special event at the Tillman Chapel, Church Center of the United Nations in New York City, United States. During the presentation, keynote speakers Denise Scotto Esq., Executive Committee Member, Society for Enlightenment and Transformation and Deborah Moldow, Representative to the United Nations, The World Peace Prayer Society both presented Braco with a peace pole as a symbol of recognition for his dedicated work on the world peace movement. [19]
Croatian rock star Boris Novkovic wrote an entire album celebrating Braco called Braco Thank You.[20]
An American supporter, Angelika Whitecliff, authored the self-published book 21 Days with Braco (2009, ISBN 978-0984297009).[6][21]
Actress Jane Sibbett produced 4 documentaries for Braco.[22]


Deep gazing can be practiced by anyone. For example, you can practice deep gazing by sitting and looking into a mirror. Focus on just your eyes, not the face or the body. Try this for 1 to 20 minutes and experience what happens. 
Deep gazing into someone else’s eyes without talking or moving is a very powerful, potentially life transforming exercise. Try doing deep gazing for 1 to 20 minutes and experience what happens. Start with one or two minutes and build up over time.


Like yoga, exercise or art, deep gazing is a skill that can be deepened and improved on with practice.

Sit across from another person either in a chair, with knees just barely apart, or sit in a cross legged position on pillows, with legs slightly apart.

When doing this exercise, don’t TRY, just be.

Don’t talk or make faces. Don’t move.

Don’t send or receive energy. Just look and see.

If you experience thoughts, let them be. Don’t try and control your thoughts, or what you see. Just allow what you experience and what you see to happen, without judgement.
You may have problems focusing on both eyes at the same time. It is ok to focus on just one eye at a time.
You may experience or see the person changing shapes, or you may see the face change in various ways. Miracles may very well happen as you practice deep gazing into the eyes/soul of the other person. Stay in your heart and out of fear. If a miracle happens, allow it, but don’t stop just because of it. What is a miracle anyway? Is life full of miracles or devoid of them? 
It may help to start with a minute of silence and keeping your eyes closed at first, to quiet the mind and move out of the stress of the day. Take a couple of deep breaths all the way down into your diaphragm and then begin.
Your eyes may tear up as you do this exercise. You can blink as often as you like. Keep your focus on one or the other eye, without wandering or closing the eyes. It is ok to switch from the left to the right eye. Don’t close your eyes during this exercise once you begin, unless you want to stop the exercise for whatever reason. If you feel uncomfortable, stop. 
It may help to set a meditation timer for a preset amount of time. Beginners can start with 1 or 2 minutes, but no longer than 5 minutes. As two individuals practice deep gazing together, increase the time gradually, and deepen the gaze.
Allow yourself to look beyond the physical world. Be open to the mystery and miracles. The window to the soul and many other dimensions is there.. What is inside the soul? Be open and curious, and allow the gifts to be given as well as received. The seeker of truth will find it, by open self inquiry. 
Gangaji – Self Inquiry And Searching For Truth; via @AGreenRoad
Follow your intuition in terms of who to practice deep gazing with and for how long, and how often. As you go deeper, the bond with the person who you are practicing deep gazing with deepens as well.
After you do a deep gazing exercise, share what you experienced with the other person. Allow the other person to share with you what they experienced. Take as much time as you need for this sharing and deep listening. Read the article about deep listening below, to do this deep listening exercise correctly.


After several sessions of deep gazing, try adding in the power of mudras and silent affirmations. For example, focus the mind and breath by concentrating on having the silent thought of breathing in love, and breathing out gratitude, while practicing deep gazing. Or just focus on love, breathing it in and out, and keep it simple. Experience what happens.

Gradually lengthen the time of deep gazing to 20 or 30 minutes if you can.

Rest your hands on your lap, with each hand touching the first finger and the thumb together.

Try these in combination with deep gazing, once you have grown to trust and respect the person you are practicing with.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. When you gaze into the soul, you will learn to truly ‘see’ reality, in all of it’s mystery, and/or miraculous splendor. 

Freedom may eventually be the result, and miracles may happen on the way there, but it will be a TRUE freedom, not the faux freedom that the mass media points at. You may experience the freedom gained by going beyond the mind chatter that most people live in their whole lives. Keep practicing and experience whatever happens.

If you get some benefit from doing this, ‘export’ freedom by sharing this article with others.. Why is it that what is feared in the average society is the very deep connection offered by deep listening and/or deep gazing?


Deep listening can be very powerful as well.. Practice both deep listening and deep gazing; experience what happens. 
The Power Of Compassionate Deep Listening Inside Of A Sacred Circle


What is the power of love? What happens if the power of deep listening and/or deep gazing is combined with the power of love? Try it and experience the result. 

Greg Braden; The Science Behind Miracles And Heart Based Living; Proof of Healing With Prayer, Using Power Of Love

The Force And Power Of Love As A Positive Tipping Point, And What Movies Teach Us About Love


Deep listening, deep gazing and many other natural health preventative modalities can be practiced for free. What would happen if natural health modalities were covered by insurance?

What would happen if hospitals offered a choice of many natural health practicioners?

The fact that these are NOT offered is an example of how monopolistic the medical industrial complex is.

Medical Industrial Complex; How Big And Bad Is The Fraud, Deception And Death Count? via A Green Road


Many other cultures have been using invisible energy to heal for thousands of years, but here in the US, all of that is just quackery and dismissed as fraud. 

[PBS] The Mystery of Chi Energy, Known As The Life Force And Chinese Healing System – Bill Moyers

Very little has changed over 2,000 years. Money, fear, greed and jealousy are still the primary motives behind the modern day technology centered symptom management for profit medical industrial complex and how it sees people like this. The amount of money changing hands in this arena has only increased and multiple layers of professionals have been added. Self healing is very simple actually. To start with, learn and then follow the laws of Nature and live in harmony with Nature. Eat only local whole foods, raised organically. 
There is no lack of health or healing. Healing and health is available to all, but it is repressed via artificial methods, systems, programming, and most of all, the profit motive. Why would anyone go through VERY EXPENSIVE chemo, radiation and drugs, plus doctor visits for life, along with countless negative side effects that may extend life for only another 3 to 6 months total, when total and complete healing is available, with no side effects, no expense, and no followup visits with doctors? Instead of encouraging, training and fostering people like Braco or Bruno, they are attacked, charged, and jailed. 
Real healers that ‘go public’ and become ‘famous’ as Bruno did, usually don’t last long, because they are ‘unfair’ competition to a high profit, high power business with many ‘influences’ in both legal, regulatory, banking and political circles. Thus, if you pursue anything outside of what is on the mass media, you will have to travel the path less traveled and chart your own course, so that others can follow you on the trail you forge. 


Bruno Gruning And Healing Miracles

The Power Of Compassionate Deep Listening Inside Of A Sacred Circle

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Of course, you won’t hear about any of this ‘alternative news’ in the mass media. You have to take the road less traveled to hear about it. Once you are in this world, don’t be surprised if you see or hear about your favorite natural health practitioner shut down by shotgun toting FDA agents, who take everything in the office and put people out of business. 


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