Climate Video Sparks Big Response

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

The most recent “This is Not Cool” video has provoked quite a response from the climate denial blogosphere in recent days.  More on that below.

The basic science presented in the video is now backed up and footnoted in an invaluable post by two of the key scientists whose statements were prominently featured, Ben Santer of Livermore National Labs, and Carl Mears, of Remote Sensing Systems. Their collaborative statement was posted to John Cook’s Skeptical Science blog, and is reproduced here.  I’ll be posting more on this in coming days.

Ben Santer and Carl Mears in Skeptical Science:

On December 8, 2015, Senator Ted Cruz – the chairman of the Senate subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness –convened a hearing entitled “Data or Dogma?” The stated purpose of this event was to promote “…open inquiry in the debate over the magnitude of human impact on Earth’s climate” (1)…

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