Why Solar Power has Utilities Running Scared

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


Running hard to keep up with what’s happening in the solar/distributed energy/renewable/storage space.

Dave Roberts has been cranking out a series of long but invaluable explainers at Vox, one is excerpted here, but google for more.
Rolling Stone just did a nice piece on the pushback from Big Fossil and the Koch Brothers – see below.

Dave Roberts in Vox:

Large incumbent industries threatened by new upstart technologies do not always respond to those threats wisely.

Shocking, I know. While this is usually obvious in retrospect, it can often be difficult to see in real time as the struggle is unfolding.

Take power utilities. (Please.)

Currently, utilities are threatened by distributed rooftop solar panels. They are pushing back against rooftop solar in states across the country.

It turns out, though, that by squashing or rolling back current support mechanisms for rooftop solar, utilities are only accelerating the development of a…

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