Reposting: Scientists Predicted Jump in Temperatures

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

The new global temperature graphs from this week are causing gasps across the scientific community. I’m reposting here my 2014 interviews with Kevin Trenberth and Gerald Meehl, who both spoke about the possibility of a “step change” in global temperatures, somehow initiated by large El Nino events, such as what we saw in 1998, and this year.

Worth showing to anyone who thinks scientists do not have a handle on the basic physics of climate.
——, Sept. 14, 2015:

Above, my interview with Kevin Trenberth in 2014.  We agreed that if certain predictions came true, that I’d make sure the video got recirculated – and with today’s new announcement by the UK Met Office, a burgeoning El Nino in the Pacific, and 2015 looking like the warmest year ever – blowing the doors off 2014 – now is that time.

Dr. Trenberth spoke about large cycles in the Pacific…

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