Xenon 133 peaks detected in Takasaki Station



While speaking of the atomic testing in North Korea, CTBTO has inadvertently disclosed information on Fukushima.

One slide shows Xenon 133 peaks in Takasaki Station. Or xenon 133 is a fission product. The corium of Fukushima seems to know criticality phases in 2014 and 2015 (detection beyond normal = red triangles)

Which also explain why traces of Iodine-131 have been repeatedly found at various locations in Japan every year since 2011. Iodine-131 being a very short life radionuclide, it should not be present anymore after March 2011.

The highest peaks of xenon 133 were in May, June July 2015, corresponding to the Iodine-131 detections in sewage sludge in May 2015
Source: Fukushima Diary

Source : CTBO

Credits to Pierre Fetet & Paolo Scampa for these informations.

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