NuGen and Population Mixing



An Open Letter to the Mayor of Copeland : Mike Starkie

from Radiation Free Lakeland.
Dear Mayor Mike,

Thank you for organising the meetings regarding the rather intimidating
letters from NuGen. People are understandably upset about the possible
compulsary purchase of their homes in order to clear a space for the
building of temporary accommodation for thousands of nuclear workers.

We are a voluntary group and have many members based in Copeland who feel
that they are are on an unstoppable ride to untried untested new reactors.
They feel that any consultation which does not allow for an unequivocal
NO but merely looks for ideas on “mitigation” is a token gesture to

What has not been made public by NuGen or the government is the
“population mixing” aspect of bringing in thousands of temporary workers
to what is an essentially rural area. The benefit of temporary workers…

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