More U.S. Troops Are Sprawling into Yemen, Syria


Troops Yemen USIn America’s 21st-century-brand of foreign policy, the slippery slopes of war seem to be getting steeper, and no less slippery.

Last Friday, avoiding specifics, the Pentagon announced that it had deployed “a small number” of troops to Yemen to help in the fight against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). This follows the recent deployment in April of an additional 250 U.S. special forces to Syria, another reminder of the administration’s broken promise of “no boots on the ground.”

In the past 13 months, Yemen has become home to one of the most devastating wars in the Middle East and one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world. In part thanks to the Saudi-led bombing campaign and naval blockade, humanitarian groups assert that four out of five Yemenis are in dire need of assistance. The U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition has been accused of war crimes and human rights violations

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