The Intercept: What It’s Like to Read the NSA’s Newspaper for Spies

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An internal website was surprisingly forthcoming about NSA activities.

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Peter Maass  The Intercept  May 16 2016

THE MEN AND WOMEN who work at the National Security Agency were greeted, on March 31, 2003, with a cheery notice on their office computers. “Welcome to SIDtoday,” a new internal website announced, explaining that the communications team in the Signals Intelligence Directorate, the heart of the NSA, was launching the publication to keep employees abreast of what was happening inside the spy agency. The website, SIDtoday, started modestly. Its inaugural article blandly described what it called “the analyst cockpit,” a portal for intelligence experts to access their data. The following day, which was April Fools’,SIDtoday posted an offbeat story about practical jokes, recounting how the Germans in World War II built a decoy air base, complete with planes, out of wood; the kicker…

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