Keswick says No to New Nuclear Build 20 miles away as the crow flies


Keswick "Have Your Say" on biggest nuclear build in Europe

Today in Keswick 90% of the people we spoke to were opposed to new nuclear build in Cumbria. This does not tally with what NuGen are saying which is that “Cumbria wants new nuclear build.”  A recent poll in the Evening Mail indicated that 85% of those voting do not want new nuclear build in Cumbria.   Tourists said they would think twice about coming to Cumbria if dangerous new nuclear reactors were built here.

Dressed in nuclear waste barrels we handed out leaflets to tourists and locals outside the industry’s CONsultation day at the Skiddaw Hotel.

The only people going in to the CONsultation appeared to be the ones we had directed to it.   Last year, in the very same hotel on the fourth anniversary of Fukushima (11.03.015) former US nuclear regulator Arnie Gundersen described Moorside as “Chernobyl on Steroids”   Cumbria needs that like it needs a hole in…

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