Disinterest And Few People For Clinton, Overflow HUGE Crowds For Sanders, But He Is Losing?

This Weekend’s Bernie Sanders Iowa Rally Compared to Hillary Clinton’s
And if this weekend’s rally attendance is any indicator, it’s clear who’s exciting Iowans more.Saturday night, Bernie Sanders held a rally in Iowa City that brought out approximately 3,800 supporters. In fact, the local fire marshal had to turn away hundreds more who had hoped to see the nation’s lone democratic socialist U.S. Senator speak. The Independent Journal reported that approximately 500 people had to be turned away due to the lack of standing room at the University of Iowa.

In contrast, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held a rally at the 5 Flags Center in Dubuque, Iowa, but only filled half the room with under 200 supporters. The small showing was likely a huge disappointment for the former First Lady and U.S. Senator, who is trying to rev up excitement for her campaign before the first official contest of the 2016 president.


Same thing in California; only a couple hundred fans of Clinton showed up in Los Angeles, but Sanders had between 25,000 to 60,000 fans, and they had to turn an unknown number away.

But even with all of this disinterest for Clinton with only a couple people showing up, and WILD OVERFLOW crowds for Sanders, he is the loser?

Go figure…

Insanity reigns. The loser wins and the winner loses.

Just heard California is also requiring new voters to bring PHOTO ID, or they will not be able to vote, just like the worst states in the east did with the new Jim Crow anti minority and young people voting discrimination laws.

For all the talk by Democrats about free and fair elections, plus letting everyone vote, this means very good news for Clinton, because new voters are generally young, and for Sanders.

Odds are good that 400,000 YOUNG voters will be turned away because they did not bring the proper PHOTO ID.

Then more young voters will get ‘provisional’ ballots, because they will not be allowed to vote for Sanders due to not following the ‘rules’, so that is another 400,000 young people or so. Provisional ballots never make a difference in any election that makes a difference, and are not even counted until a month after the election.

Then all of the major news stations are already declaring C the winner despite her using the pledged delegates in her ‘count’, which could go to Sanders if he wins big time in California. This discourages people from voting for Sanders.

Dirty media pool…

Jebus June 7, 2016  Reality, blatant and bold. Only the best entertainment comes from Cali.gov. Timing’s good too…


US military tests massive GPS jamming weapon over California

Aircraft warned to stay out of area


Polls close at eleven pacific.

But my IPhone quit, I can’t find my polling station…

Crowd control, we’re all gonna be wearing those salmon smocks…

NPR Tries To Keep Calm Amid Hillary’s Plummeting Polls


And don’t you DARE tell people how few people are coming to her rallies, compared to Sanders..All of a sudden, Hillary Clinton is behind. The latest polls show Donald Trump has overtaken her nationally. This appears to be a trend, not a snapshot.

If it is Trump against Clinton, odds are Trump will win…Dirty toxic water, circling down the drain. Wait till the general election, and we go down into the sewer.

Why Trump Will SMASH Hillary https://youtu.be/LibRNYJmZ-I

Why Donald Trump Is Going to be Our Next President

Sarah Palin endorsed Trump, wants to be head of Dept of Energy

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