Trump’s Energy plan


donald-trump-wind-turbines-photo-25346.jpg.492x0_q85_crop-smart Trump isn’t exactly known as a fan of wind farms

Trump recently released his energy plan. As you can imagine it was slim on details but included the expected, bashing renewables, wanting to renegotiate the Paris deal and lifting numerous environmental restrictions on fossil fuel production, nuke the Whales, burn down the Amazon, usual. Needless to say the environmentalists are aghast at the prospect, as too are many other commentators on energy.

Putting aside the issues of the environment, his plan seems to be based on a simpleton vision of “green stuff bad” and “fossil fuels good”. However, not so, renewables, are creating far more jobs in the US than coal or the oil industry. Cutting off renewables at the knees will cost many American’s their jobs, not save jobs. The US renewables industry now employ’s over 750,000 people and is worth tens of billions…

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