June 12 Energy News


Science and Technology:

¶ Solar Impulse 2, the largest solar-powered aircraft in the world, landed early Saturday in New York City. It is the 14th stop and the final US destination in its year-old trek around the world. It flew past the Statue of Liberty before landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport. [CNN]

Solar Impulse 2 flies above the Statue of Liberty. Solar Impulse 2 flies above the Statue of Liberty.


¶ The heat of the sun is already scorching the era of oil and coal in the Philippine energy sector. A host of factors, including reduced prices of solar panels, new government policy, and growing reliability of solar power plants, is leading the increasing shift to renewable energy. [The Standard]

¶ Vast rainforests, which once covered more than half of Panama’s land surface, are shrinking, eaten away by development. In response, seven indigenous tribes, whose members live in autonomous zones, have…

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