Rabbi Michael Lerner | Grieving for Orlando, for GLBTQ, for Muslims, for America

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A note from Rabbi Michael Lerner  Tikkun Magazine

We at Tikkun reaffirm our commitment to the safety of and respect for the GLBTQ community.

“They” are “us”—we are both straight and gay and bi and trans, Jewish and Christian and Muslim and Buddhist and Hindu and earth-based religions of every variety,  young and old, religious and secular humanists and atheists.

We will not let any sector of “us” get scared that the rest of us will abandon them. Just as I said at Muhammed Ali’s funeral that Jews will stand with Muslims in the face of growing Islamophobia (all the more needed now that some politicians are trying to use the horror of mass murder of gays in Orlando by a supposedly Muslim young man to justify repression against Muslims), so we will not let gays become an “acceptable” target for…

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