The Math of the Convention

The Writing of John Laurits


The National Convention:
The Math, as it stands on June 15th

Greetings, sisters, brothers, & others — I hope you are all doing well, in spite of these dark times of media-blackouts & counter-revolutionary propaganda. I’m writing to you today to arm you with the real numbers that are at play — unfortunately (yet unsurprisingly), the Lame-Stream Media has turned even more fully against our movement than before and they’re spreading misinformation like a plague of fear & doubt. But do not worry yourselves — just as darkness is dispelled by lighting a candle, misinformation & lies vanish before the light of knowledge…

So — shall we kindle a flame? 

The Straight Numbers

First of all, for those of you who may not have heard — C/inton has not clinched the nomination & Super-delegatesdo not vote until July 25th. She does not have the 2,383 pledged delegates that are needed to clinch…

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