Rapid Polar Warming Kicks ENSO Out of Climate Driver’s Seat, Sets off Big 2014-2016 Global Temperature Spike

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GR.–Our response to environmental disasters often comes in the form of rescues and recovery aid after the event.  The climate emergency is different.  The way we’ve ignored forecasts of global warming is comparable to remaining in the house after receiving the forecasts for an approaching tornado and a tsunami.  For climate change, however, we will not have a quiet time to rebuild, because the catastrophe will roll on gathering strength for centuries.  The disaster recurrence interval will become too short for us to rebuild.

From RobertScribbler:

“What is happening right now is we are catapulting ourselves out of the Holocene, which is the geological epoch that human civilisation has been able to develop in, because of the relatively stable climate. It allowed us to invent agriculture, rather than living as nomads. It allowed a big population growth, it allowed the foundation of cities, all of which required a stable…

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