Britain Succumbs to Fear — Europe Shattered by Deteriorating Physical and Political Climate | robertscribbler

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GR.– Climate experts are beginning to stop telling us that burning fossil fuel will cause global warming and that we must stop.  Now they are beginning to offer suggestions on how to deal with global warming.  It’s too late to avoid some of the consequences; we’ve past the point where stopping burning fossil fuels would avoid the catastrophes.

RobertScribbler.–“In Central India, during 2016, millions of farmers who have lost their livelihoods due to a persistent drought made worse by climate change are migrating to the cities. The climate change induced monsoonal delays and ever-worsening drought conditions forced this most recent wave of climate change refugees to make a stark choice — move or watch their families starve.

“It’s a repeat of a scene that happened in Syria during 2006 through 2010, but on a much larger scale. A scene that will repeat again and again. In Bangladesh and the…

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