Next Thyroid Screening Scheduled at Tarachine Screening Center, Iwaki city on July 17, 2016



On Saturday June 25, 2016 Sun Life  gave thyroid screenings in Fukushima city. A lot of people, small children and adults came to be examined.

The attending physician was Nomune Yoshihiro, a professor from the Ota Integrated Medical Development Center of Shimane University School of Medicine.

The next thyroid screening is scheduled to be performed at Tarachine, Iwaki city on July 17 2016. To schedule an appointment, those who wish to be examined should please contact Tarachine Screening Center as soon as possible. Adults as well as children can be examined.

The screening test considers cysts, and also thyroid of a state other than nodules, divided as follows:

No findings = nothing particular seen.

Yes, some Findings = cysts or nodules were observed, (follow-up required). It requires close examination by a specialist.


In addition A2 has been subdivided to three status:

A2-a Cysts that occur in the course of…

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