The French Sellafield “corroding faster than expected”


Many Thanks to a colleague for passing on News on the “Evaporators” from the French equivalent to Sellafield at La Hague.  We have asked but no one has explained where the crapola is “evaporated” to.    Now the Evaporators are “corroding faster than expected.”   And they say “Trust Us”

07.07.2016_No133 / News in Brief

Regulator Asks Areva NC To Increase Oversight Of La Hague Evaporators

Security & Safety

7 Jul (NucNet): France’s nuclear regulator ASN (Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire) has asked Areva NC to increase its oversight of evaporators at the La Hague nuclear fuel processing facility in northern France after greater levels of corrosion than expected were discovered earlier this year.

Aerial view of the UP2 and UP3 processing plants at La Hague.

In February 2016, ASN asked Areva NC to increase its supervision of the units and install isolation facilities and advanced detection systems to limit the consequences of a leak or rupture.

ASN has now imposed…

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