Houston Police Shoot and Kill Surrendering Man 10 Times

Alva Braziel shot 10 times reportedly with hands in the air.

Despite national and international outcry against the recent police killings of two Black men in the United States, another Black man was shot dead by Houston police Saturday night in a killing that was caught on camera that shows the man with his arms up, surrendering to police officers.

Alva Braziel was shot 10 times by the police near a gas station in what the police say was a justified shooting because the man had a firearm and was pointing it at them.

However, surveillance video, reportedly taken from the nearby gas station and circulated on social media showed Braziel standing in the street as he raised his arms above his head being shot within seconds of the police arriving.

According to police spokeswoman Jodi Silva, Braziel was pointing a firearm at the sky, reported Newsweek.

Source: Houston Police Shoot and Kill Surrendering Man 10 Times