Nuclear Energy programs the Genetic Wipeout in 10 Generations |

According to Herman J Mueller – the Father of Modern Genetics – every fifth person faces extinction per generation. This is no longer the case, because of the nuclear industry. The mixture of genes from mom and dad, the reproduction can not catch up with the damage. Genetic Mutations can cause everything, asthma, diabetes, weakness in mathematics, etc… and after many generations, if the gene / person is not “extinct” it will become such a massive “disorder” that the now resulting human is so severely affected it will die or or not able to procreate. And this is the agenda for the next 10 generations.You can now get the allowed dose, or pick it up over years and decades. And depending on how old you are, you experience the devastation in appearance. If not, and you have propagated, then get the children or their children get it. And now the question: Who brings this cause and effect in connection? Which authority which court will recognize it? You see, now you have understood how this war work to understand how this war works. Hope without facts is nothing.And here is an example: ONLY 7 (seven!) mSv destroy cell membranes if you use a dose rate of 0,01 mSv per minute. IF YOU use a dose rate of 260 (!) mSv per minute you have to wait until 35,000 (35 thousand!) mSv are reached! This is 5,000 times more energy! Although the first dose is low and slow This means: Slow and low doses are (over the years) MORE DANGEROUS than high doses!

Source: Nuclear Energy programs the Genetic Wipeout in 10 Generations |