petition: Stop El Salvador’s Extreme Anti-Abortion Proposal

Conservative politicians in El Salvador want to send women to prison for up to 50 years for having an abortion. This means girls who have been raped and get an abortion could spend more time in jail than the man who raped them.Add your name today to tell El Salvador’s Congress to reject this cruel proposal, and stand up for the health and rights of women and girls.Abortion is banned in absolutely all cases in El Salvador, meaning anyone who becomes pregnant as a result of rape faces a stark choice: forced pregnancy—or an unsafe abortion that could end in death or decades in prison.Already, at least 14 women who had miscarriages and stillbirths were accused of having an abortion and wrongfully sentenced to up to 40 years in prison. This proposal makes it even easier to jail women seeking reproductive health care—and could easily turn those 14 women into 14,000.

Source: petition: Stop El Salvador’s Extreme Anti-Abortion Proposal