Coleen Rowley | FBI Stings: Down the Slippery Slope | Rise Up Times

Undercover operations were tightly supervised and regulated in the past, since it was well understood there was a slippery slope, especially when informants and agents are paid/rewarded for such work and prosecutive “accomplishments” (i.e., arrests, indictments, convictions) based on crimes that might not have ever been committed if the targeted person had not been coaxed or pressured.

Unfortunately, it seems the FBI, in its Mission Impossible role in the “war on terrorism,” has become much more lax in its oversight of “undercover operations.”It cannot be known with any degree of certainty what percentage of FBI “stings” consist of targeted individuals who were induced or “entrapped” to agree to commit crimes and who would not have otherwise committed such crimes, but in my opinion it’s a large majority.

Those convicted as a result of the FBI undercover/informant operations will inherently include many “false positives,” while such operations will never be able to detect and prevent all the true acts of “terrorism”. “Terrorism” motives cannot even be easily identified when they blur together with hate crimes and senseless copycat mass shootings, such a those committed by Orlando shooter Mateen; the latter types of crimes stem as much our militarized culture that lionizes films like American Snipers and other depictions of violence.

Source: Coleen Rowley | FBI Stings: Down the Slippery Slope | Rise Up Times