Report offers cold, hard truth about global warming – Summit County Citizens Voice

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GR: Floods, droughts, extinctions, and human intraspecific conflicts will all increase as the CO2 now in the atmosphere traps heat and slowly warms the land and sea.  Failing to control the causes increases the liklihood of a great collapse that takes away our civilization as well as much more that is unique and beautiful.

By Bob Berwyn

“The Paris climate agreement will likely be triggered into force within the next few weeks, which marks the beginning — not the end — of an intense effort to try and cap global warming before the planet is overwhelmed by heatwaves, droughts and super storms.

“Governments and citizens need to rapidly ramp up efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, a group of scientists said this week, releasing a new report showing that the climate pledges made toward the Paris agreement won’t do the trick.

“The INDC’s are totally inadequate to meet the 2-degree…

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