The Anguish, Bloodshed and Forgotten Heroes in the Ignored War on Yemen* | Hwaairfan’s Blog

Yemen are a people under attack by an undeclared superpower coalition comprised of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, U.S., U.K., E.U., U.A.E and Israel. Like in Syria, while the Yemeni people are under attacks by power powers, they are simultaneously being collectively punished by the illegal sanctions imposed by a corrupt United Nations body, on the pretext of legitimizing anillegitimate fugitive ex-president, Saudi Arabia and Washington’s hand-picked puppet leader,Mansour Hadi, who demanded that neighbouring Saudi Arabia to bomb his own people –even after Hadi had resigned twice from an already over-extended presidential term, before fleeing to his alma mater in Riyadh.

This fact has been consistently omitted and waxed over by western political appeasers and ethically challenged mainstream media apologists – and their ignorant and conceded omission is one of the primary reasons why this conflict has been allowed to go from bad to worse.

To compare Saudi Arabia’s belligerent actions in Yemen to Nazi Germany’s undeclared wars of aggression prior to WWII is no exaggeration. In fact, one could make the argument that this Saudi-U.S. joint venture is much worse, and a far more dangerous precedent. Likewise, the failure of a corrupt U.N. (who effectively sold Saudi Arabia its seat on at the head of the U.N. Human Rights Council, believe it or not), led by an impotent Secretary General in Ban-ki Moon to censure Saudi Arabia for its flagrant violation of international law, the Nuremberg Principles and the entire Geneva Convention content and implied framework – leaves the U.N. in the exact same position as the League of Nations in 1938.This is most certainly the case on paper, and with each passing moment we are nudging ever closer to geopolitical déjà vu.

Source: The Anguish, Bloodshed and Forgotten Heroes in the Ignored War on Yemen* | Hwaairfan’s Blog