When Will We Learn? | ashiftinconsciousness

The sun never set on the British Empire back in the day. The same with the Russian Empire. The Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese… they all travelled the world in the past few centuries invading foreign lands, enslaving people who did nothing to them and forcing their way of life on cultures who differed from them in many ways. The American continent is the site of the largest genocide in known human history. Africa was victimized by the largest slave market in known human history. Today the United States of Corporations makes their mark on a large portion of the planet, mostly in despicable ways.

I know that dictatorial maniacs from other parts of the world occasionally invaded foreign lands and conquered less aggressive people – raping, pillaging and burning – but why is it that The White Man seems to consistently show this type of aggressive, hateful, war-like mentality over an extended period of time? And, not only to exhibit this type of behavior, but to spend uncounted time and energy defending it to the rest of the world?    That is probably the most contemptible aspect of it – the manipulation of minds to disguise rape and murder as something beneficial and necessary.

Is it a genetic defect? I don’t think so. It has to do with learning – and not learning. It seems that there must something inside the minds of many of them that instills this arrogant, racist superiority disorder that has inflicted so much death and destruction. Is it generations of releasing information that gives them this sickness? History is written by the victors, but is “victors” the proper term to use? Or should we use words like destroyors? Ravagers? Psychopaths? Genocidal maniacs? Enemies of life? 

Source: When Will We Learn? | ashiftinconsciousness