DAPL Easement Denied & What That Means | The Writing of John Laurits

I’ve been told by multiple sources here that the denial of the easement means that Energy Transfer Partners will be fined $2000 for every day that they continue their illegal construction. We mustn’t forget, however, that these villains have been building with no easement for quite some time and — since this is a $3.7 billion dollar pipeline — $2000 is pocket change to them.At one of the Sacred Fires here — where announcements & calls for volunteers are often made over a sound system — they told the crowd & the media that now was the time to increase public pressure on the construction. The easement being denied will give the water protectors much more leverage to demand that the construction be halted because many more are now aware that it’s illegal. This moment ought to give us hope but it mustn’t lull anyone into a false sense of security!

Source: DAPL Easement Denied & What That Means | The Writing of John Laurits