Warm Air Invades Arctic Again, Slowing Sea Ice Growth

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GR:  Southerly movement of cold air balances northerly movement of warm air. The added warmth is melting polar sea ice, increasing humidity, trapping more heat, and strengthening the incursions of warm air north and cold air south. We expect this positive feedback to grow stronger with each passing year. Periods of record winter freezes alternating with record winter warmth will allow earlier spring blooms and will more often freeze spring flowers. Crops will fail, migrating wildlife will be confused, and nature will lose another step in its battle to survive the onslaught of human impact.

“A surge of warm air and stormy weather has once again invaded the Arctic, sending temperatures soaring and stagnating winter sea ice growth. These repeated incursions have helped keep sea ice area at record low levels for much of the freeze season, and have even contributed to an exceptional cold season retreat.

Sea ice…

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