Fukushima corium 530 Sievert now? Scampa (AIPRI): it is only a shadow of the monster

Scampa Professor, what do you think of this material that emits 530 Sievert per hour under the number 2 reactor?

Paul Scampa: The truth physical unvarnished is that these 530 Sievert / hour which lead to the absorption of a lethal dose in 34 seconds is very few compared to the one million Sievert / hour (minimum estimate) that would be expected if the 94 tons of choriocarcinoma they were right there on the detection point. It is another proof, if ever it were needed, that the fuel is almost all melted cast, sheer, out of the vessel washing in a few hours … After all, a big pot which melts at 800 degrees Celsius does not last long at 94 tons of material liquefied lying on the bottom which produces a temperature even sometimes more than 2000 degrees Celsius.

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