The Most Telling Thing About the FBI’s Probe into Trump

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  1. I wish he were right. In fact, Comey doesn’t say investigating links but “any links” they show on the screen of the video. This is the same as saying investigating links if there are any. So, in fact, this doesn’t tell us anything. They should have been investigating Trump long ago due to the crooks in Trump Tower and either weren’t doing their job or are afraid or complicit. Though the Republicans look like Watergate plumbers – more concerned about the links – I have to agree with Nunes on this: Hurry up already. While I guess the excuse is awaiting phone calls. My understanding is that they have always recorded international calls for any future use. They are doing a lot to undermine confidence in government and it is dangerous that they are going so slowly. Trump already gave the FSB (KGB) access to the latest US IT products, which Obama had blocked, making it easier for them to find portals to hack, etc. (


    1. Actually he is right to the extent that we know of contacts between Trump people and Russia so they would be investigating that. However, the statement is designed to not tell us anything. It is legal protection more than anything.

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