Bill Nye Destroys climate change-denying Trump adviser William Happer

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One thought on “Bill Nye Destroys climate change-denying Trump adviser William Happer”

  1. Science a decade or so ago was verifiable, trusted, believed. Sir all of our best optimism has been worn down with deceit after deceit perhaps since 1980”s. You may be aware of the many scientific journals that debunk much of what is being passed as science. Claims scientists are unable to duplicate results in real time. Books being rewritten for one’s own benefit. Who could have ever believed money and fame, power for science has tarnished the good respect science in the US once had. Experts? Who could stand another expert?
    What about this, nuclear radiation to the tune of 300,000 tons a day or more since 201l being dumped into our Pacific killing much of anything living right on the other side of California. Or Geoengeneering, Cloud seeding, weatherization any spin it’s has terrible affects on our planet. Take a look at trees across the planet that are burned. Of course local representatives claim that it’s Asian Emerald beetles doing all the damage . How ignorant of me for, not understanding how they destroy Ash trees? Good shot but untruthful. Pines, Oak, Maple, and a list of dead or dying trees are evident across the planet.
    It would seem this Asian beetle has a diversified diet. Let’s not forget wooden fences they are going down too. Almost done, Let’s talk about radiation from cell phone and towers? And why not take a look at solar flare-ups. I’m no more educated on the many subjects that the computer has brought to life. . No matter how you try to shut down the internet you will never do it there are too many people who are awake. The Genie is out of the bottle. Carbon Footprint? Fill the belly of other countries that suck the life out of America with Carbon Tax is more the issue. Tell the truth. It may be difficult at first, but the more you do it the easier your life gets. Have a good night. If you do not answer my text I will take that as admission of defeat on your part.


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