Trump plans for the nuclear industry put Americans in danger – Sen. Ed Markey speaks out! Videos..


Following the Fukushima accident, high contamination levels were found well beyond 10 miles from the plant (the distance used for emergency planning in the United States). If the NRC does not change its regulations, new reactors will not be significantly safer, and as the number of reactors increases so will the chances of a catastrophic event. Source – 2011

Sen Ed Markey and Congressman Bill Keating Town Hall Meeting — Orleans MA 04/20/17

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Senator Ed Markey made the statement that Trumps administration will NOT upgrade the plants as per the Fukushima recommendations from that report.. An important point to note.. Trump quietly signed the relaxing of nuclear safeguards and costs within days of his administration.. This includes regulations on new plants also ..

According to Sen. Ed Markey, the Trump Administration will be making an 18 percent cut in research that will have an effect in stopping research that…

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