Key 1.

In the state of ordinary Consciousness the appreciation and opinion of others are very important for us. We want to meet the expectation directed at us, and we are pleased to play the social roles that are dictated by our community.

Key 2.

In the state of ordinary Consciousness we do not look for true answers to the question” Who am I ?” we are content to be told that by others.

Key 3.

In the state of ordinary Consciousness, the dominant character of our life is the Ego; we wish to make it larger, brighter and more individual.

Key 4.

In the state of ordinary Consciousness we become less and less self-confident, and we do not have enough courage to face the challenges of life on our own. We therefore need a guide, a support. We follow pre-determined rules and respect authority.

Key 5.

There are moments in our life when we wake up from our ordinary life, and recognize the reality that we in fact live in the captivity of our thoughts, emotions and social roles.

Key 6.

Under the effect of those moments, a profound desire for freedom and truth arises in us. We then begin to search for the paths leading to the desired freedom.

Key 7.

We intend to become more conscious and alert, to find the truth for ourselves about who we are and what our mission in the world is.

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