Resistance: Resilient and Rising

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

I know I have a lot of international readers and viewers who have been watching the catastrophic Putin/Trump administration’s planet-destroying agenda with dismay.

In the afterglow of this week’s highly successful, global, March for Science, here’s an update on the resistance.  Quicktake: just beginning.

Charles Blow in the New York Times:

I must say that the issue of resilience was one that I worried and wondered about from the beginning: For far too many Americans in this digital age, stamina is rare, attention spans are short and the urge for instant gratification, or at least for expedient resolution, is enormous.

But, to my great delight, my worry was unfounded. Not only is the movement still strong, it appears to be getting stronger. People have found a salve for their sadness: exuberant agitation. Far from growing limp, the Trump resistance is stiffening and strengthening.

Furthermore, young people are particularly unhappy…

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