Life Is for Greatness

Encourage the Light of others. Give it room. Just let it be. It is not for you to decide others’ Entourage of Will. Free Will, remember. Let you be the Welcomer of Free Will.

What does it mean to restrain others’ Free Will? It means you close others’ hearts down. You set up others to restrict their will. You shut their Free Will down as if it were in your way. You are in your own way.

Give yourself freedom from interfering. Your grip on the world is not to be tight. Loosen your hold. Loosen it now. Free the world. Ease up. Undo your grip. Free yourself, and so you unfreeze all others. Set a loving scene. No more cuffing anyone, not even when you mean it for another’s good. Free, not cuff.

Unjail the world. No longer confine the world or anyone in it. Free the world, and you free yourself.

What do you want? What you want is what everyone wants. One thing you want is a little respect. Then this is what you must give.

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