Catch Your Breath!

If only you would stay in tune merrily. There is no need to panic. Even if you are certain of several reasons to panic, what good does panic do you? Panic props your eyes open, and you can’t close them. You rattle your cage. With panic, you can hardly breathe.

Sometimes Life is more marvelous than you can possibly dream it could be. Sometimes Life is more fractious than you can imagine. Whether Life balances out is not your concern. Keeping one step after another is your concern. That you go forward is your concern. That you live Life is your concern. Don’t leave Life by the wayside.

Regardless, when there may be something in Life just as ungainly as you perceive it, then be brave. Swallow your pride. Perhaps, Life may be insufferable for short or long. Inevitably, you make it through. There is something in your Life wanted or unwanted, that deepens your connection to Me. You may be muddling through Life. Nevertheless, you are living it. One way or another, you will surpass your Life. You won’t always be out in the rain. Life turns this way and that. Life can surprise you this way or that. Life doesn’t let draw your Life by hand just so.

Take Life as it comes. View it from other angles. See anew. You can do more than simply weathering Life. Weathering Life is not enough for you.

Sail through Life. Furrow throw the waves straight ahead. Be as light as a breeze. This is the spirit in which I made you.

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