Flooding Submerges California’s Drought*

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Flooding Submerges California’s Drought*

After a lengthy period withering in extreme drought, California’s fortunes have reversed and the state has endured exceptional rain-and-snowfall over the past few months. Creeks, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs that were once far below normal levels are now overflowing from the onslaught of incoming water. As the abundant rain has continued to fall through the winter, employees at the 10 NWS Weather Forecast Offices and River Forecast Center that serve the state have worked tirelessly to prepare and assist local and state officials in their efforts to mitigate, and recover from, the flooding impacts due to the heavy precipitation.

California Drought status as of March 1, 2016 compared to February 28, 2017


A year ago, nearly 95% of California was in some type of drought condition; more than 60% of the state was experiencing “Extreme” or “Exceptional” drought. As of February 28, however, only 25%…

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