When You Need Love The Most

What greatness do you attribute from being one of the Les Miserables? Instead, be a Beneficent. Be a Ground-Breaker. Don’t grind yourself down. You are a Spirit. Be good-spirited. Don’t trample on yourself.

Start over, beloveds. From this moment on, never a discouraging word.

Creation is a great thing, and I created you. I created you in My Image. Don’t knock what I created. I created you. I sure didn’t create you to bad-mouth yourself.

I created you to inspire yourself and the world. I knew a thing or two when I created you. I didn’t create you to be down-mouthed. I didn’t create you to feel sorry for yourself. I didn’t create you to be sour. I created you to increase the Beauty of the World. I didn’t say you were created some time or another only when you feel like it. I said, “Now.” I said, “Go forth.” I said to you: “Amaze Me with Your Wondrousness.” I said all good things to you and asked you to say the same everywhere to everyone and yourself.

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