BOMBSHELL: Guess Where James Comey Was 24 Hours Before Trump Fired Him

Olbermann also notes that the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia is Dana Boente, who was briefly the acting US Attorney General after Trump fired Sally Yates.

On Monday, Taylor tweeted that Comey “was at EDVA, in Alexandria at 8:00am.”

So, according to the original source for this story, which was seemingly partially confirmed by Comey himself, the FBI Director was at the US Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Virginia, which is possibly the location of a grand jury investigating the Trump/Russia connection, about 24 hours before Trump fired him. If this is true, it would be an unprecedented firing of an FBI Director deep into the process of leading an investigation of possible criminal acts by the president.

Again, this is thin sourcing, and it raises as many questions as it answers, but the apparent corroborations lend Taylor’s citizen reporting credence. If his sources are accurate, an investigation may be moving faster behind the scenes than is being widely reported. And Comey’s firing may have been an act of desperation from a White House struggling to keep pace with an investigation into the dark heart of how it came to power.

via Reverb Press; BOMBSHELL: Guess Where James Comey Was 24 Hours Before Trump Fired Him