Where Is the Fervor of Yesteryear?

Oh, no, it can’t be that your heart would simply shrug its shoulders and be dragged around when your heart always was chomping at the bit. Vitality just can’t go astray. You always followed your heart. You always hustled to keep up with it. How can you get along without elation? Life always elated you. It stirred you so.

The Sun always hung out with your heart. You were eager to know where your heart would take you next. How could it be that now your heart wants to sit by the fire and watch the embers like an old dog? No, no, no, not your heart.

It’s fine for you to accept little pleasures. You are fine with that. You don’t have to enter the biggest and greatest races, yet what will Life be without your racing forward eager to find out what comes next? Nope, it can’t be that your heart is ready to sit by the wayside. That can’t be so. You won’t hear of it. You will not allow this to be true.

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