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Have more trust in the Universe. It is a sound idea to trust in God. Give Me credit. There are decisions you are not yet ready to make except in foolishness. It may well be that the more you are sure you would know what you are doing, the more ignorant you might be. Yes, you could be foolish. Yes, you could indeed.

You may not yet fathom or appreciate the whys and wherefores of the world. This means nothing more than that. Beloveds, you are not as yet the Soothsayer of the World. Not by a long shot.

What genius would declare war? Isn’t declaration of war a folly? Allowing the point of war to become a contest could be the height of folly. No one can declare that war is a decision of brilliance. Stimulating, yes. Brilliant, no. Battle is not to be proud of.

First, make peace in your own heart.

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