U.S. regime of war lobbies putting end on International Law

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(FNA) ~ The four “de-escalation zones” in Syria were supposed to be safe zones for everyone, even “moderate” rebels, but now the Trump White House and the Pentagon regime have done the unreasonable.

Shredding the rules of engagement and brushing under the carpet the International Law, US warplanes on Thursday attacked a vehicle convoy in a “de-escalation zone” near al-Tanf, identifying the targets are Syrian forces, and destroying multiple vehicles. Casualty figures are as of yet unknown, and the US claiming that the May 18 attack was “defensive in nature” is rubbish.

The targeted forces were 55km away from a “US training base” at al-Tanf, where US occupying troops are stationed, and the Daraa safe zone is farther away from the area that the base is in.

Syrian forces didn’t pose any threat to US ground troops. They were not there to fight. They were there to make sure…

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