Morning Joe slams GOP: ‘My party is going straight to hell’

Joe Scarborough got real on Morning Joe as he slammed his Republican Party for lying continuously and selling its soul to Donald Trump.

Joe Scarborough first played a clip of Donald Trump’s Budget Director Mick Mulvaney lying to Bernie Sanders in a Senate hearing. Mulvaney claimed the Trump budget does not cut Medicaid. That caused Morning Joe’s Scarborough to go off on an epic rant that went further than he’s ever gone in his attack on his GOP.

“Did he say we don’t cut Medicaid?” an incredulous Scarborough asked. “That is just a lie. That is a certifiable lie. Now listen. You can debate the 23 Million number. You really can. You can debate, well maybe that’s people that choose not to be on it. I understand those arguments. I disagree with them. But I understand them. But, 850 billion dollars is real. Those are real cuts. Why does he keep lying? Why do the Republicans keep looking at the cameras and lie? Who do they think is stupid enough that you can’t read the numbers in the Wall Street Journal. It is very clear you are cutting 850 billion dollars in Medicaid, for the poorest of the poor. If you want to do it, embrace it. Don’t lie about it. Stop lying about it. We know you are lying about it. We are not stupid. And you Republicans in the House have been lying nonstop about what you are not going to cut and who is not going to lose health coverage. We are not dumb. I understand there has been a coarsening of political culture. I understand that Donald Trump lies all the time. And you are thinking; he got away with it. Right? So you can get away with lying. You can’t. Stop with the coarsening of political culture. Okay? You know what the meaning of ‘is’ is. And you know what $850 billion is. So do not go to Capitol Hill and lie through your teeth.”

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