In the Palm of God’s Hand

There is Oneness. In Oneness, there is no one to give acclaim to. Acclaim matters not. It is Love that is acclaimed. If there were not Oneness, then We would acclaim the group. Instead of group, there is Oneness. There is Great Acclaim in Oneness, Greater Acclaim, the Greatest Acclaim, although, in Truth, in Oneness there is nothing to acclaim. Acclaim doesn’t exist. Oneness exists, and Oneness is Full of Beauty, simply Full. There is no room for more.

Now you want to ask Me something more. What is it?

“God, when You happened to me, did You say the time was right?”

I answer you. Dear Ones, remember, in My Being, there is no time.

You wondered: “Was it then, God, that I myself declared it time?”

You can say that. We can say We don’t know, like the song, How or When? You did not always have Me on your mind, yet I say unequivocally, that I was always in your heart. You had Me in your heart. You hadn’t looked. You looked everywhere but at Me. You looked around Me. You spaced out on Me. You focused on everything else but Me. Your eyes could not see, nor were you consciously seeking to see. Nevertheless, at the Core of You, was I. You could not escape the Truth of Me forever. It was always My Desire that the Truth Dawn on you. My Desire inevitably comes True. I am your Truth, and you are Mine. There is no getting around this. All is said and done.

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