Are You Wearing Clothes Made From Monsanto’s Toxic GMO Cotton?

It takes about one-third of a pound of toxic agricultural chemicals to produce one pound of cotton—the amount of cotton needed to make one t-shirt. Many of those chemicals, including glyphosate, are linked to cancer. Do you really want to wrap your body’s largest organ, your skin, in cancer-causing chemicals? Seeing as those chemicals are absorbed into your body through your skin?

Non-organic cotton is one of the most genetically engineered, pesticide- and chemically-contaminated crops in the world.

Chemical contamination is just one reason to care about wearing clothes made from GMO cotton—there are plenty of others, including environmental contamination, and the fact that most non-organic (and unfortunately, some organic) cotton clothing is made in sweatshops where workers, predominantly women, are not only under-paid, but also suffer from unsafe working conditions, physical, psychological and sexual abuse, 18-hour work shifts and other illegal labor practices.

The fashion industry, where toxic chemicals abound, promotes a toxic “fast fashion” culture designed to convince consumers that their self-worth depends largely on keeping up with the latest fashion. Can we as consumers clean up the fashion industry, by rejecting its message? And choosing a more conscious approach to buying clothes and textiles?

Can we start to Care What We Wear?

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