Petition; Demand FEC Investigate Russian Fake News On Facebook

We need answers about the full extent of what Russian agents did in our elections last year.

Federal Election Commissioner (FEC) Ellen Weintraub is already publicly pushing the FEC to investigate whether Russian agents purchased Facebook ads to swing the 2016 election.1

That’s why our friends at the Rootstrikers Project launched a campaign at with top money-in-politics watchdog Free Speech For People to get those answers – and ensure serious consequences for any illegal activity uncovered.

We and the legal experts at Free Speech For People need your help. We’ve got to make sure the entire FEC takes this seriously, and makes an investigation into Russian interference in our elections an immediate priority.

Tell the FEC: Investigate whether Russian hacking and Facebook advertising violated federal laws against foreign influence in our elections!

As you probably know, foreign nationals are forbidden from spending any money in US elections, whether at the local, state, or national level.

But watchdog groups believe that Russian agents may have spent money spreading negative stories on Facebook in the lead up to November’s election.2

If this is true, it would be a clear violation of US law.

Trump and his allies are eager to push anything having to do with Russian meddling under the rug – but it’s vital for our democracy that all institutions, including the FEC, use their power to get to the bottom of what happened this past November.

Trump is breaking cherished and long-held democratic norms left and right – and institutions like the FEC cannot allow themselves to be intimidated out of doing their jobs.

Free Speech for People’s legal director called the investigation into Russian influence in our election “possibly the single most important campaign finance investigation in the agency’s entire history.”3

Too often, the FEC gets stuck in partisan gridlock. But in this case, the entire commission unanimously agreed last fall to prioritize investigations into foreign influence in our elections.4

Tell the FEC: Investigate reports of Russian agents illegally buying Facebook ads to help swing the 2016 election!

The reports of Russian Facebook ad purchases are just the latest in a string of disturbing revelations. The US intelligence community has already concluded that the Russian government used paid social media users or “trolls” to influence the election, and even hacked a major national political party.5

The prospect that this activity may have been coordinated with the Trump campaign is even more disturbing. There is significant reason for concern, including Mr. Trump’s public request for the Russian government to hack and distribute his opponent’s e-mails, and various undisclosed meetings during the campaign between Trump campaign advisors and Russian government officials.6

Tell the FEC: Launch an investigation into whether Russian agents illegally bought Facebook ads or took other measures to influence our election, and whether any of this activity was coordinated with the Trump campaign.

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  1. Some Russian oligarchs-politically connected Russians and/or spouses have US citizenship…maybe even a lot do. They could probably have bought it through investments. Roman Abramovich’s wife is American. Putin’s fav rabbi-Russia’s official rabbi who was born in Italy and is part of the Chabad Lubavitcher sect (like Ivanka and Jared) has a US citizenship, I think. For decades a large part of the approx 90,000 US refugee spots was taken by Russians who merely claimed to have a Jewish grandparent. No proof was required. This was a vehicle for the Russia mob to enter en masse. Israel had a similar policy.


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