Two Mass Shootings in America in One Day Proceeded by Many More



There have been two mass shootings that occurred today. One was in Alexandria, Virginia. The other, which hasn’t gotten as much attention likely due to the first involving targeted politicians, occurred in San Francisco.

Five people were shot at a baseball field where GOP members were practicing for an upcoming game against Democratic politicans. Among the injured was Republican Congressman Steve Scalise who is now listed in critical condition.

The shooter was 66 year-old James Hodgkinson from Illinois who was, according to his social media footprints, opposed the GOP and was defiantly anti-Trump. He was shot by police gunfire and died soon after.

The second mass shooting, that I just found out about, happened at a UPS facility in San Francisco. The man was a driver and in uniform. He opened fire, injuring six people. Four of them died, including the shooter.

The Washington Post reports that the…

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