June 16 Energy News



¶ “With US absent from global climate accord, time to up Minnesota’s local game” • A Dickens quote comes to mind: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times …” It’s easy to see our own “winter of despair” in today’s US federal energy policies, while Minnesotans take pride in a well-earned “spring of hope” here at home. [MinnPost]

Wind power in Minnesota (CC | Flickr | Michael Janke)

¶ “Analysis: US states and cities could meet Paris climate goals without Trump” • Nearly 40% of US CO2 emissions are in the hands of states that have either committed to meeting their share of the US’s Paris Agreement target or who have established their own ambitious long-term emission reduction goals, a Carbon Brief analysis has found. [Carbon Brief]


¶ The Greek isle of Tilos is set to be the first…

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