Where Do Lost Thoughts Graze?

Loving comes from the heart. Natural breathing is smoother than breathing on demand. Love pours out from the fount of itself. Love is the Jackpot of Life. We can say that you hit the right number, yet, of course, numbers and amounts do not enter into Love.

We can even say there is no accounting for Love, yet Love is. There is no need to account for Love. Love comes first. It heads the list. Love is a mountain stream. It is a waterfall that never runs out. Love splatters all, near and far. Love itself is an Embrace of Love. Love can only Embrace. Love never runs dry. Love Itself is Eternal, and Infinite.

All the Love in the World has no limit. Love is not sparse. Love may be cramped, however, held too tight and not freed up. To Love is the Greatest Freedom known to man. Love is My Great Freedom. There are no dams to My Love. Nothing backs up when it comes to Love Supreme.

Love is above all the senses. Love is above all the World. Love is evidenced, yet Love cannot be seen. Love cannot be pinpointed. A portrait cannot be painted of Love. No sound of Love can be picked out. Wait, Love is like Me!

I can sing Myself, yet you cannot record Me and play Me back. You can sense Me, yet you cannot fit Me into your hand. Into your Life, however, can Love and God reflect themselves, for you do reflect My Love.

Love is a riddle. It disappears yet cannot be seen. Love is in silence or in noise, yet there is always an Echo of Love. Love is beyond touch, yet Love ever-touches the Heart. Love is indefinable, yet Love is defined in a million ways. Love is felt. Love is honored, and yet Love is also besmeared. Love is commonplace, yet Love is not ordinary, nor is Love ever to be used as a gimmick.

Love is what you make of it, yet there is more to Love than what you make of it.

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