June 19 Energy News



¶ “Reasons to be cheerful, despite Trump withdrawing from the Paris Agreement” • The US has abdicated responsibility from the Paris Climate Agreement. While this is a blow to the fight against climate change, a new “G3” – the EU, China and India – may fill the leadership vacuum, with help from the US private sector. [The Guardian]

Indian students (Photo: Jagadeesh Nv | EPA)

¶ “Why you’re about to pay through the nose for power” • Ever since Australia’s carbon tax was removed, power prices have only headed one way – upwards. Investment in renewable energy plummeted at just the time the power industry began to make good on its plans to mothball its antiquated coal-fired generators. Now, Australia has a supply shortage. [ABC Online]

¶ “Renewables and storage will crush coal way ahead of Finkel’s forecast” • The BNEF report has pointed to the inevitable decline…

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